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“I have implemented ‘Ask the Pros’ in marketing my medical practice for more than ten years. Because of its success we ceased our television advertising and increased participation in the ‘Ask the Pros’. By using ‘Ask the Pros’, I am able to put my photo and office information before the public on a consistent basis. As a result of this small investment, my practice has grown to become one of the largest impotency centers in the country. I have a ten-year track record with ‘Ask the Pros’. I know they work for me.”

Steven K. Wilson, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Board Certified Urologist Offices

“I rate the service of Brannon & Associates as excellent. Their sales representatives are courteous and extremely patient. They explained the program very well to my staff and followed up on items the newspaper needed. What I like about their service is that it made me think of important questions and there was a huge number of referrals. It was great exposure, gave me new patients, and good PR. There is nothing about their service that I do not like! I would definitely recommend ‘Healthy Advice from the Pros’ to others.”

Terry Hess M.D.
Foot & Ankle Surgical Assoc

“The service at Brannon & Associates is excellent. The sales representatives were courteous and patient and followed up with my staff on the items needed for the newspaper. I have had several patients and hospital staff make reference to my articles indicating that it is widely read.”

Joseph C. Livengood
Surgical Specialists

“Patients, old and new alike, comment on what they have learned from our column. We are pleased that we have achieved a place of notoriety in the community.

Maria Clark Au.D.
Fairbanks, AK

“What we like about Brannon & Associates’ service is that it is constant. It has benefited the business by keeping our name ‘out there.’”

Farmington, NM

"Our partnership has been a good experience for our business. Your staff has been very helpful and pleasant to work with. Our business has received great exposure by being a part of your page. The experience has been well worth it, and I would recommend other businesses to take advantage of the opportunity your services provide."

Bay City , MI
Bay City Foot Clinic

"We had a good experience working with your company on this joint endeavor. You all provide great coverage on a wide variety of subjects, and your staff was good to work with. I think being a part of your page helped spread awareness of our program to the general public."

Lansing , MI
Wound Care Clinic

"Working with Brannon & Associates was an excellent experience. You have a very patient and courteous staff, that provided us with everything we needed and were very thorough with all requests and/or follow-up. It was such a good experience, in fact, that there are other physicians who work in neighboring offices have asked about the service and would like to become a part of it. Being able to use email as the main form of communication between our company, yours, and the newspaper was very convenient. We have received many referrals from the article in the paper. It's been a great resource."

Fairbanks , AK
Pain Management
Advanced Pain Management Physicians

"Our experience with Brannon and Associates and the Healthy Advice column has been excellent. We really think it's been a great way to educate the public and reach out to people who otherwise may not have heard about us. People have responded really well and come to our clinic with more questions. We've definitely seen the benefits of our work!"

Fairbanks, AK
Physical Therapy
Home Town Physical Therapy

"Your company has been very good to work with, providing ample assistance where needed and have been very pleasant and friendly, as well. Your page definitely has a consumer following and this was brought to our attention especially after we started participating and noticed clients mentioning it. Overall, this was a good business experience."

Pensacola, FL
Cat Clinic of Pensacola

"This has been an excellent experience working with Brannon & Assoc. Your staff was great---very pleasant and efficient. I found your services to operate very professionally, and I wouldn't change anything about it. It has increased our public exposure noticeably, and I would recommend other companies to become involved in it."

Greenville, NC
Hicks Chiropractic

"Your company was a pleasure to work with. I am glad we made the choice to embark on this endeavor, and I feel like it was well worth it. The service you provide is, in a word-excellent. I would definitely recommend others to take advantage of the opportunity you provide."

Greenville, NC
Foot and Ankle Clinic

"We've had a great experience working with Brannon & Associates. Your staff has been very friendly and helpful. They were great at following-up on all of our requests and/or questions. The partnership definitely had a positive effect on our business, and I would recommend your services to others."

Greenville, NC
Doctor's Hearing Care

"Partnering with Brannon & Associates was an excellent decision. You have a very knowledgeable and informative sales staff that went out of their way to make sure our needs were met. I really like that each professional has exclusivity in their category on the page. It was also extremely helpful to be able to proof the column each week before it was sent to newspaper for print. I would definitely recommend for other business to take advantage of the amazing service you all provide. I can't count the number of times my patients have mentioned how much they enjoy reading my column and the page overall."

Fayetteville, NC
Risk Optometric

"Working with your company was a great opportunity for us and we are very pleased with the results. Your sales team was a pleasure to work with and everything was done with great efficiency. It proved to be a great way to give our company valuable exposure and we were able to gain a number of clients as a direct result. Your service enabled us to educate many potential customers on our product offering. I've recommended your services to other companies."

Boise, ID
Reverse Mortgage

"Your service has been excellent. It has provided our company with great exposure to the public. We have received several positive comments from patients and other professionals who have read the column. This has been a great opportunity for us to address commonly asked questions to thousands of people. It has also simply been good exposure for our practice." Gainesville, FL
Gainesville Eye Physicians

"Brannon & Associates provides a great opportunity to any business or professional wishing to gain exposure while also providing a service to the community. Your staff is excellent and we are very happy to be a part of your endeavor."

Bay City, MI
Stewart Orthopedic Institute

"We've had an excellent experience working with the staff of Brannon & Associates. You all have been very helpful answering any questions we've had and assisting our team in understanding our role and how your service works. You all have also been great following-up with us on any requests we've made. I would definitely recommend your service to others; it's been a great way to acquire new customers and build exposure. It is an excellent medium for getting the word out about what our services can do."

Boise, ID
Reverse Mortgage
James Bridges

"Your sales staff has been great to work with. They have been very attentive, polite, and helpful with us throughout our partnership. This service has provided us with more exposure to the public and we've received several positive comments from patients and other professionals who have read the column. It has been a great way for us to address commonly asked questions to thousands of people. I would definitely recommend other businesses/ physicians to utilize your service."

Gainesville, FL
Gregory D.

"Brannon & Associates provides an excellent service and has a great sales team. They were easy to communicate with and have been very patient and courteous with our staff throughout our extensive correspondence. I would recommend others to use this service."

Bay City, MI
Orthopedic Sports Medicine
Stewart Orthopedic Institute

"Your service has been very helpful for our clinic. We've received good exposure in the community, it has created name recognition, patient awareness, and an increase in patients overall. Your sales team is very efficient and helpful. They've been great to work with and I think other businesses could definitely benefit by being a part of your service."

Bay City, MI
Bay City Foot Clinic

"Every Tuesday and Wednesday my phones were ringing with folks wanting more information! Please keep me in mind for any future publications. Thank you!"

Brunswick, GA
Edo Miller and Sons Funeral Home

Thank you so much! I have already received wonderful feedback from the community and it's only week two!

Brunswick, GA

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