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What are the benefits of participating on “Healthy Advice from the Pros” or “Friends of the Family”?

Benefits include:
  • Exclusivity of your specialty.
  • “Top of mind” awareness of your business.
  • Access to our resource website to assist you in preparing your publications.
  • Making a positive difference in people’s lives by providing them with valuable health information that may change their life.
  • Giving the community a chance to get to know you better and developing business and community relationships.
  • Having a forum in your local newspaper to present cutting edge technologies and other pertinent information in your profession, while receiving name recognition and exposure.

What is the size of my publication? Also, how often will it appear?

Each publication is 2c wide by 3 inches deep allowing for 90 words for each answer. Depending on the market, “Healthy Advice” and “Friends of the Family” is published every/ every other week for a 26 publication commitment.

Can my partners and I participate as a group on the page? Also, after the series ends will we be able to continue?

You may participate as a group with your partners. You can submit a group photo or be featured individually, switching photos out on a monthly basis. Your 1st set of 7 publications will be due 2 weeks after an agreement is signed. The professionals on our page have first right of renewal, which allows them to publish their column as long as they choose.

Where do the questions come from?

We do solicit the community for questions, but the questions and answers come from the professional. These are routinely asked questions by your clients, like new procedures, new innovations in your field, new technologies, or anything you believe will help educate the community.

We have a resource website of questions and answers written by professionals in your field that can be used as a guide for writing your publications. Our website has over 10,000 questions and answers in 120 medical specialties, and over 2,900 in 46 non-medical specialties. It is available for you to use as a guide for preparing your publications.

(Note: The copy on our website is copyrighted and can only be used on “Healthy Advice” or “Friends of the Family.” It’s a secured website therefore you must be approved by Brannon & Associates, Inc. before entry. Once right of entry is obtained, the Q & A can be used as a reference or guide in writing your publications.)

What is my investment and how do I get started?

The investment for each professional varies depending on the market. It is a small investment for such great returns. To close your specialty and reserve your space we will need an agreement signed and faxed back to us by the end of the business day. After signing the agreement you will have 2 weeks to submit your 1st set of 7 publications, photo, and logo. (Details will be explained and will be on your sign up paper work).

Say “Yes” today and share your expertise with the community and your clients in a way that will keep on giving. To reserve your 26 publication placement, call 888-833-5001 Ext 201 and speak with Beverly or email

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