Providing health information to newspaper readers since 1996.

My name is Ted Brannon, and I am the President of Brannon & Associates, Inc. I have been working in the newspaper industry since 1973. Gannett Newspapers, Thompson Newspapers, Donrey Media, Waco Media, and Stephens Media are among the newspaper groups I was employed with before launching our question and answer features, “Healthy Advice from the Pros” and “Friends of the Family”, in 1996. I introduced these features in newspapers because I found in 24 years of working in the industry, that there was a need for more health content. Furthermore, many newspapers did not have the time, staff, or resources to dedicate to this unique advertorial concept.

Upon launching the business, my wife, Beverly, as well as my son and daughter, Taylor and Whitney, worked together to build the business from the ground up starting in a one room office. From this humble beginning, we have published over 130 syndicated Q&A feature pages nationally. We are a family-based business and have built our program with integrity and honesty.

Brannon & Associates, Inc. has been publishing professional advice pages for the past 18 years, which have been viewed in newspapers by over 17 million readers throughout the U.S. Two of our first pages debuted in Clute and Galveston Texas and we are still publishing these pages today. This is our goal for every newspaper and professional we work with: a long term business relationship in which the professional, the newspaper, and Brannon & Associates all benefit.

Our question and answer pages not only build business relationships but also community relationships in that they provide an outlet for health professionals to educate their community about important, sometimes even critical, health information and other issues that are often misunderstood. Our mission is to make a positive difference in people’s lives by connecting them with valuable health information that may otherwise be unknown to them. Combining our approach with the expertise of our knowledgeable professionals, over the years, has enabled us to continually meet this mission.

Brannon & Associates, Inc. has been generating readership for newspapers, as well as name recognition and exposure for professionals since its launch in 1996. Our goal is to continue this tradition of success and constantly adapt to the ever changing needs of our clients. We are well-versed in the industry, and as the industry changes so too does Brannon and Associates, Inc.

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