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Why you should participate on one of our professional advice pages!

  • Exclusivity of your specialty

  • "Top of mind” awareness of your business

  • Access to our resource website to assist you in preparing your publications.

  • Opportunity to make a positive difference in people’s lives by providing them with valuable health information that could change their life.

  • Giving the community a chance to get to know you better and develop business and community relationships.

  • Having a forum in your local newspaper to present cutting edge technologies and other pertinent information in your profession, while receiving name recognition and exposure.

Would you like to be the first specialist the readers of your local newspaper think of when they are looking for health services?

Join our exclusive group of medical professionals and participate as the only professional in your specialty on “Healthy Advice from the Pros” or “Friends of the Family”. You will build “Top of Mind Awareness” of your business, by writing publications about cutting edge technologies and procedures in your specialty, as well as addressing important health questions that often go unanswered. When readers of your local newspaper need your services, they will think of you.

Contact us today for more details on participating in your area. Be a part of this dedicated group of individuals and educate thousands of readers in your community!

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